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With media surrounding us, it may seem impossible to ever change the effects their portrayals of beauty have on us. However, I would like to offer some tips from Oprah Winfrey’s website (the woman whom most plastic surgery patients try and model their forehead after, as discussed in my earlier post).

The first tip is to stop buying into the media (“Women and Body Image”). They suggest that you don’t buy the magazines or limit the amount of television you watch (“Women and Body Image”). The next tip is to insert yourself into a healthier environment (“Women and Body Image”). They say that you should not hang around with shallow people who will judge you only by appearance. The article goes on to say how important it is to look in the mirror and learn to love yourself (“Women and Body Image”). This step may be hard at first, but the more you try and focus on what you like, rather than what you want to change, the better. Another helpful tip is to discuss your body image issues with someone (“Women and Body Image”). If you can talk about what is stressing you out, then by bringing those concerns to the light of reason, the person you are talking about it with can help you see your true beauty (“Women and Body Image”). The last tip in the article and the one I find the most helpful is to not compare yourself to other women (“Women and Body Image”).

“Every woman in America is affected by a feeling of inadequacy that they are never young enough, thin enough or pretty enough. Women must counter that irrational and destructive impulse to ordinariness by identifying the unique gift that only they have and which the world needs in order to be perfected. Find your gift (“Women and Body Image”).”


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