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I hope you’ve enjoyed my examination in media’s portrayal of beauty. I want to momentarily talk about what two things women said they wanted to be changed from the media. The first thing women around the world said they would like to see change is that female beauty should be portrayed in the media as being made up of more than just physical attractiveness (“The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report”). The second thing they wanted was for media to do a better job of portraying women of diverse physical attractiveness-age, shape, and size (“The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report”). Whether the media will heed these wishes, or not is unknown, however, with everyone coming together there is still hope.

In that survey a staggering amount of women agreed that a women can be beautiful at any age, every woman has something about her that is beautiful, and beauty can be achieved through attitude, spirit, and other attributes that have nothing to do with physical appearance (“The Real Truth About Beauty: A Global Report”). I think we need to focus on that instead of whatever the media throws our way.

I want to leave you with one last thing. The next time you are watching TV, or flipping through the pages of a magazine, or driving past a large billboard, I hope you stop and think for a moment. What exactly are you seeing? First of all, is it real? Has it been enhanced or altered through methods of Photoshop? If it is real, is it realistic or has the individual been dieting and working out all day every day, or (hopefully not) could they have an eating disorder? If you feel guilty or inadequate, take a step back and remember all of the reasons why you are beautiful. Stop comparing yourself to others and instead embrace your own beauty.


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