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Plastic surgery is no longer about fixing cleft palates or reconstructive surgery after breast cancer. No, plastic surgery now has everything to do with vanity. With the media constantly telling us what is beautiful, we become insecure with our own looks and want to look more like the classical beauties of our time. One study was done to see what influences celebrities have on the decisions patients make. The survey was sent to over 20,000 surgeons in 84 countries (“Celebrity Influences on Plastic Surgery”).  The surgeons were asked to connect celebrities with the popular procedures and these are the results, all which came from “Celebrity Influences on Plastic Surgery.”

Breasts-Pamela Anderson

Lips-Angelina Jolie

Buttocks-Jennifer Lopez

Nose-Nicole Kidman

Abdomen-Giselle Bundchen

Eyes-Angelina Jolie

Cheeks-Sophia Loren

Legs-Cameron Diaz

Hair-Giselle Bundchen

Chin-Charlize Theron

Forehead-Oprah Winfrey

One of the biggest defenders of plastic surgery is that if it makes a person feel better about themself, then they should be able to do it. However, this survey clearly shows that people are not fixing the small imperfections they see in themselves. Instead, they are modeling a body part after someone who’s beautiful through the media’s eyes. The reason they are unhappy with their crooked nose or thin lips is because they are comparing themselves to celebrities.

For an extreme example of this obsession, we can turn to the recent headlines of a

man spending over $100,000 dollars on plastic surgery to look like his idol Justin Bieber! 33-year-old Toby Sheldon spent all that money along with 5 years of his life dedicated to trying to make his looks more like the singer (The Hollywood Reporter). He has had work done on his eyes and smile as well as Botox (The Hollywood Reporter). He has admitted to being afraid of aging, but apparently isn’t afraid of bankruptcy (The Hollywood Reporter).

In my next post I will talk about the more “traditional” ways of trying to look like the stars.


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