Before we dive into the research, I want to give a little insight into why I, personally, have a problem with media and the way it portrays beauty. I am a very influenced person. Not meaning that if you offer me drugs or alcohol, I’ll take it because I can’t think for myself, but I mean influenced by the world I see. If I watch a movie about outer space, I’ll want to be an astronaut. If I see a picture of the Alps, I will want to climb them. If I see a surfing movie, you can bet I’ll be practicing my balance for the next few weeks. I associate the things I see and automatically build a life and a story behind them and this is where the problem lies.

On TV or in magazines we see beautiful people all the time. We hear about their jet setting adventures and the extravagant lives they lead. The pictures we see and the articles we read are all we know of them personally. To me, I know I see those pictures and associate their hair or their great skin or perfect bodies with their success. It becomes a blurred line in my mind where it is almost like, “If I could dress like them and act like them, maybe I’d have their life too.”

Obviously there are a lot of reasons to why people feel bad about themselves when seeing the “perfect woman” on screen, but for me it is almost like a reminder that I will never acquire the life I want, due to the fact I will never look a certain way. I hope that one day this divide will be broken and every woman can say they are properly represented through the media’s eyes and remember that beauty does not equal success.